Cameras+Films now has the BIG STAX instant camera!

The BIG STAX is a hybrid/hack/mod Texolux system created by joining a vintage Polaroid BIG SHOT Portrait Camera front-end with a FujiFilm INSTAX WIDE instant film camera back. This mod breathes new life into a marvelous, quirky, rigid-box camera, originally designed solely for portraits using pack-film, the last of which expired in 2018 and has been rising to insane levels of risk and cost for any that’s old and unused…

BIG SHOT vs. BIG STAX — what stays and what goes?

  • We kept the entire FRONT of the Big Shot camera, including its:
    • Legendary, fabulous 220mm f/29 plastic lens,
    • Single-speed (1/43 — 1/52 sec.) mechanical shutter-release,
    • Integral thumb-rest (watch out — they break),
    • Three-position aperture control — standard, lighter, darker,
    • The Magicube socket and translucent flash-diffuser lens,
    • The Big Shot grip-handle, with its fixed-focus rangefinder,
    • And the requisite “Big Shot Shuffle” focusing technique…
  • We got rid of the Big Shot’s BACK end, including its:
    • Clumsy, difficult-to-open-and-load, wire-clamp-locking back panel with integral 60-second mechanical timer,
    • The pack-film innards — film holder, rollers/spreaders, and the pull-eject flaps, etc.

INSTAX WIDE vs. BIG STAX — what stays and what goes?

  • We kept the BACK end of the Instax Wide camera, including its:
    • Reliable film loading and ejecting mechanism,
    • Ability to use readily-available Instax Wide instant films!
  • We got rid of the Instax Wide’s FRONT end, including its:
    • Lens with simplified closeup/distance focus settings,
    • Shutter release…

Process Videos: Packing up the Big Shots!

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