From the Latin “texo” for build or construct, and “lux” for light, our Texolux offerings are deconstructed, reimagined, reassembled, rebuilt, morphed, modified, customized, combined, converted, transformed, and/or build-it-yourself (“DIY”) devices for capturing light on film.

Our “camera hacker” partners build each Texolux “conversion” camera from one or two others, combined with vintage or new parts, accessories, add-ons, and custom-fabricated components, such as 3D-printed camera backs. The DIY camera and conversion kits sold by C+F are sourced from various suppliers whose passion for chasing the light matches our own.

We are currently working on sourcing/building and selling three main types of Texolux film-based conversion-cameras:


[details pending…]


[details pending…]

Well…an Etch A Sketch is like…8×10 LARGE format, sort of…


[details pending…]

Bookmark this page and check back as we load details of new Texolux film cameras being developed, and when they will be available to purchase, as well as our expanded DIY camera kit offerings… Email questions about our DIY, modified, enhanced, stock and custom camera offerings to info@texolux.com .

Let’s build something together.


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