O.P.P. was a Grammy-award-winning Hip-Hop/Rap hit released in 1991 by the group Naughty By Nature. Officially, the acronym “OPP” stands for “Other People’s Property” but you may know the song is about being unfaithful (in a relationship) and the title really translates into a NSFW reference to female and/or male genitalia…

Obviously, this is NOT that kind of OPP!

Instead, at Cameras+Films, we use the acronym OPP as a way to refer to Other People’s Photos or our original Other People’s Polaroids (before we branched out)…

Our kind of OPP are photographs we’ve collected and/or purchased for resale — all film-based, mostly vintage Polaroids — over the years. The OPP collection (both keepers and resale items) consists primarily of unique, one-of-a-kind or “OOAK” (sorry about yet another acronym!) instant photographs, and film negatives, which represent the original medium on which each image was recorded.

A couple of OPP/OOAK vintage Polaroids:

That said, we have some photographic prints in the collection as well, but only those that possess some special interest, quality, appeal, or other value. For a potentially non-unique photo print — the negative for which may be out there somewhere — to be in our OPP collection, it must be: historical, documentary, newsworthy, artistic, beautiful, inspiring, humorous, and/or possess some eye-popping, jaw-dropping, head-shaking WWTT/WTF qualities.

A couple of non-OOAK OPP photo prints:

As you can see, we take OPP seriously here at Cameras+Films! So, we set up a web domain which points here (to this page), an email address for inquiries, and a short stack of social media feeds — check out the links below:


OPP (soon!) on: Shopify / Etsy / eBay / etc.

Email: Info@OtherPeoples.Photos

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